Crops in Huila - South Region


This coffee is cultivated and harvested in 10 municipalities by 39,698 peasant families between the source of the Magdalena River (the most important river in the country), which generates a particularity in its climatic condition.


In this sub region, the two municipalities with the largest area planted with coffee in the country are located: Pitalito and Acevedo.


In the cup it is characterized by a fragrance and aroma of chocolate, good sweetness and red fruits, fruity notes, coffee flower, medium high acidity and a medium balanced body.

Huila Coffee

hectares of coffee exist in Huila

of Huila's exports

are Coffee

direct jobs are generated by

coffee growing

of the rural population of Huila is dedicated to coffee growing

Source: Committee of Coffee Growers of Huila - Website 2021

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High Quality


We guarantee the quality of our coffee through strict controls and innovation processes throughout the marketing chain.


We have commercial agreements with local producers in the Municipalities of Acevedo and Pitalito.

Source: Committee of Coffee Growers of Huila - Website 2021